As mentioned in the previous posts, the trail waymarking we use in our hiking networks can be divided into the following categories.

Direction waymarking by color

Direction waymarking with color, is done by applying color to suitable surfaces within the route and follows a specific typology. Its purpose is to clearly guide the hiker, and to create a feeling of security during his hike.

Trail directional signs

Trail directional signs are placed at major intersections and contain destination, time, and distance information.

Trail entry signs

Trail signage with entry signs is very important for all trails. It clearly defines the starting points of the route. These signs contain the title of the route, its map, its features, and other useful information.

Central trail signs

Trail signage with central signs consists of large-sized maps, depicting the entire area and hiking routes. They list all the useful information of the routes and their descriptions, so that everyone can choose the route that suits them best. They are placed in the most central parts of the area.