The Greek Islands Trail is a long-distance trail made up of the best trails of each of the Cyclades islands.

It’s a years-long dream coming to fruition. A path that will pass through all the Cyclades and that will be the most important long route in the country.

As Greece is known abroad with white and blue colors, the trail in question comes to highlight this image, as well as the culture and rich geology of the Cyclades to the international hiking public. Our vision is for Greek islands trail to become one of the top trails in the world.

The aim of the «Greek Islands Trails – Cyclades» is to connect the best trails of each island of the Cyclades in a single hiking route from island to island. It is hoped that this route will be the main entrance and introduction to global hiking tourism in our country.

The «Greek Islands Trails – Cyclades» program is implemented with the funding of the initiative of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Cycladic Identity, with the support of the South Aegean Region and local bodies.

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