The Social Co-operative Entreprise

Paths of Greece

The Social Co-operative Entreprise Paths of Greece was founded in 2010 with the vision to help Greece become one of the top 10 hiking destinations in the World. We love Greece, its culture, its nature, its people. We also love its old, sometimes ancient footpaths. We have put together our knowledge, our experience and our passion in order to come up with a powerful, multi-sectorial team.

What we do is that we bring back to life the old footpaths in different localities, in manner that the fully respond to the needs of the modern hiker. We clear the trails, we sign-post them and we promote them in Greece and internationally. We often innovate at a World level. At the same time, we do support the local society by transfering knowledge about the management of hiking trails.

We have also developed a network of specialised partners, carefully chosen for the quality of their work and the speed of response to the needs of the work.

Paths of Greece has been solicited by individual donnors, Associations, Companies, Municipalities and Regional Authorities. We have organised hiking trails networks in Kythera, Sifnos, Serifos, Drama, Messinia, Kefalonia, Prespa lakes and many other places. We have also offered consultancy services about the development of hiking trails in China!

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Our Team

Fivos Tsaravopoulos
Fivos TsaravopoulosEnvironment Manager
Fivos is the general manager of Paths of Greece and supervises the design of hiking trails as well as the promotion strategy.
Sotiris Dimos
Sotiris DimosComputer Scientist
Sotiris is managing everything that has to do with informatics for the complete and succesful e-promotion of the areas that we develop.
Konstantinos Karantzoulis
Konstantinos KarantzoulisRural & Surveying Engineer
Konstantinos is a pathfinder and trail network designer. He is also responsible for the detailed mapping of trails.
Eleni Misiou
Eleni MisiouOffice Manager
Eleni is the office manager, coordinates the team and supervises the proper operation of Paths of Greece.
Nikos Katsaros
Nikos KatsarosGeologist
Nikos undertakes the recording and the mapping of the characteristics and the condition of implemented hiking networks.
Antonis Panou
Antonis PanouWaymarking Specialist
Antonis works on the detailed waymarking of hiking routes all over Greece. He carefully paints waymarks to lead people in safety and takes care of trailhead and larger signs installation too.
Spyros Kinias
Spyros KiniasArchitect
Spiros is responsible for the design of hiking trail networks the construction works and the sign-posting of the trails.
Christina Kontaxi
Christina KontaxiEnvironmentalist
Christina supervises the environmental and land-planning issues of the trails as well as the procedures according to the greek law.
Vasilis Deligiannis
Vasilis DeligiannisSurveying Engineer
Vasilis undertakes the recording of the tracks and updates relevant information for existing walking trails around Greece.

Our Partners

Ομάδα Μονοπάτια της Ελλάδας

Staridas Geography creates paper and digital maps that are required for the promotion of trails and the adequate information of the hikers.

Outdooractive is an outdoor tourism platform that provides information on routes, trails, points of interest and other relevant data to help plan and carry out outdoor activities.

Ομάδα Μονοπάτια της Ελλάδας - Paths of Greece Team

Instinct Design takes on the graphic design of the signposts and labels, leaflets, logos and everything else that is used for the promotion of hiking trails.

Ομάδα Μονοπάτια της Ελλάδας - Paths of Greece Team

Kappagram develops and manages our beautiful websites, social media and other digital means of hiking trails promotion.

Ομάδα Μονοπάτια της Ελλάδας - Paths of Greece Team

Stonewave specialises at the development of mobile Apps. Together we create Apps for the trails that are mininal, user-friendly and useful to the hiker.

Fiskars was founded in 1649 and manufactures garden tools of incomparable quality that provide unique convenience to their users. They also stand out for their innovations, functionality and awards.