What we do

We undertake everything that needs to be done for a locality to become a hiking destination.

We research, we design, we implement, we promote and we manage the hiking trails of a locality in close partnership with the local society.

Our target, and our specialisation, is to develop hiking trails networks that fulfill the needs of the modern hiker.


Research is needed to correctly develop a hiking trails network. We use a very elaborated method, that starts with bibliographic research, combines traditional methods of fieldwork and state of the art technology, includes interaction with the locals and of course a lot of hiking! We pay special attention to every detail of nature and culture as they are the core elements that will define the hiker’s experience.


The trail networks that we design…

are friendly to the hiker and every other visitor of the area

satisfy and respond to all ages and walking ability

guarantee a joyfull hiking experience

highlight the culture and nature of the place

motivate locals to start walking!

What we avoid…

the design of trails that “just link” points of interest

trails with difficult to find starting points

trails that “just cover” geographically an area

the creation of too many way-marked trails

the unequal numbering of paths within a network

We aim to design hiking trails that appeal to all!



We make sure that the information will reach the hikers!

Brand design

For every hiking trails network we develop its own branding (logo, colours, aesthetics) with criteria such as the landscapem the culture and the trails of the area.

Promotion material

We design and create printed stuff such as maps, leaflets, roll-ups etc. as well as digital tools such as websites, mobile applications, photos, videos and other.

Marketing actions

We organise actions such as the participation in international hiking fairs, article publication, Fam Trips for the Press and Tour Operators as well as other events.



We manage every single trail network together with the local communities in order to ensure a balanced development and multiple long-term benefits for the environment, the economy, the society.