Because a) we dont like to see many and big signs when we are walking in nature, b) we want people to know what the are looking at when they walk (caves, churches etc.) and c) we are more than cerain that in a few years almost everybody will be using smart phones, we though of using QR-codes.

Instead of having to install large signs boasting information about each attraction, we thought of using technology, and especially QR-codes (Quick Response codes). Qr-codes are square shaped bar codes of new generation. Smartphones, using their smartness, can “read” these codes and translate them into text. A single QR-code can contain text of about 450 words! These little square codes we print them on stickers, and stick them on small metallic signs, next to the attractions they refer to.

We are the first to use these signs in sign-posting paths in Greece (we haven’t seen it abroad either, but of course there is so much out there…). QR-codes are already installed on the Kythera Hiking network, and soon to be used in Patmos as well. What do you think of the idea?