Launched in April 2024, the HIKE initiative invites you to join us on a journey across some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes. Our provisional program is packed with details of upcoming hikes, explore the preliminary agenda below and join us and our partners on treks in Greece, Italy and Türkiye.

In October 2024, the historic Via Egnatia in Greece invites you to trace the ancient route engineered by Romans, stretching from Edessa to Arnissa through Agras, Nisi, Ekklisiochori, and Prophitis Ilias. Starting on October 11th at the picturesque waterfalls of Edessa, we will wander through the agricultural plains of Agras, to conclude by Lake Vegoritida in Arnissa. The journey will continue the following weekend with a 17-kilometer circular trek around Prophitis Ilias, culminating in a 10-kilometer hike on October 20th that delves into the historical and industrial part of Edessa.

The Via Egnatia, built between 146 and 120 BC and named after the Roman Governor of Macedonia, Gnaeus Egnatius, is celebrated as a monumental symbol of Roman engineering. It played a crucial role in the economic prosperity of the Eastern Roman Empire, spanning roughly 1,120 kilometers from Durrës to Byzantium, now known as Istanbul.

In September 2024, Italy awaits you with six hikes along the Via Francigena in the Apulia region, from Bari to Brindisi. Scheduled for the weekends of September 12-15 and September 27-29, these treks will guide you from Bari’s urban allure through the coastal charm of Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, and Ostuni, finishing at Brindisi’s historical landmarks. Timed to coincide with the European Week of Sport, these events merge hiking with festive celebrations and workshops aimed at enhancing your knowledge of safety along the trails and physical preparation for hiking.

The Via Francigena, tracing a historic pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome and reaching down to Santa Maria di Leuca, has been a conduit for cultural, commercial, and religious exchanges across Europe from the medieval period, representing a vital link between the British Isles and the heart of the Roman Catholic Church.

Finally, in November 2024, hiking events will take place in Türkiye around scenic and culturally rich landscapes of Izmit along the Tolerance Way. Scheduled for the first and second weekends of the month, these excursions will guide you through historic districts and rural settings, including attractions such as Izmit’s waterfront, Kayalar Nature Parks, and the historical villages of Servetiye and Kırıntı, culminating near the ancient aqueducts of Gölkay Park. These routes are animated with engaging narratives about the area’s rich history.

The Tolerance Way itself stretches approximately 126 kilometers between Izmit (Nicomedia) and Iznik (Nicaea), drawing inspiration from paths used by notable travelers like French explorer Charles de Peyssonnel and Canadian botanist Robert Chamber. Rooted in the Roman era, this path is renowned for its historical significance, marked notably by the Edict of Tolerance issued by Emperor Galerius in AD 311, which laid foundational stones for religious freedom in the region.

Each location offers its own set of experiences, ensuring that every hiker, regardless of skill level, finds something inspiring. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the event dates.