In February 2015 we found ourselves in Kasos, fighting against the heavy rain and the wind, in order to discover the long lost paths of the island! At the beginning we were quite uncertain about what we would see. The bad weather and the seasonal “decadence” of Greek islands in winter would see to that. We soon suspected that Kasos was keeping well its secrets. But when you hike you discover everything! And we took care as to explore every single bit of the island… or almost! Every hiking day in Kasos was better than the previous ones! Walking in the footsteps of the older inhabitants, amongst the numerous terraces, we climbed on mountain peaks and cliffs, we passed through impressive gorges, we saw remote beaches and…lakes (!), we explored old settlements, windmills and mansions, we stepped on ancient steps carved on the rocks, we saw caves that were inhabited in prehistorical times and many more! And we never walked alone! We were constantly accompanied by sheep, that were balancing off the nice smell of abundant wild lilies!
In the evenings, we would discover the traditional and authentic life of the island, that one can find in very few islands today. Tasting local cheese, pasta and other specialties, while hearing the powerful sound of the Kassian lyra.
Kassos is definitely worth exploring at any time of the year. By soon, we will organize its hiking trail network in co-operation with the municipality of Kasos, and you will be able to go test yourself the veracity of the above!