With our partners MitOst (Germany), Culture Routes Society (Turkey) and Tirana Ekspres (Albania), who are committed in the development of Via Eurasia – a long-distance cultural route and walking trail running from Rome, across Italy and the Balkans, through western Turkey to Demre on the Lycian coast of Turkey’s southwest and beyond we are working on an EU funded project called Performative Journey on Via Eurasia Culture Route.  We also have with us Art Society Open Studio (Poland) that mediates the artistic team from Croatia (Iva Korbar), Poland (Paweł Korbus) and Turkey (Emrah Gökdemir).

Funded by the European Union under the Grant Scheme for Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and dialogue between Turkey and the EU-II (CCH-II), the objective is to contribute to the sustainable management of the Via Eurasia led by civil society and promoting a diversity of cultural expressions. By setting up an international dialogue between performing artists and cultural route managers, we will work on contributing the cultural diversity and shared heritage value along the route. Moreover we will develop new methodologies for creating contemporary arts events in line with rural life on a cross-border cultural route.

Throughout the year, field trips, participatory workshops, showcasing performances and creation of soundscapes in cultural heritage sites in the surrounding villages of Antalya, Edessa and Tirana as well as a presentation to a wider audience will take place in Berlin.

These last days we have visited the beautiful Edessa city in order for the artists to plan the performance for October 2021.