At the beginning of the year, some of the most important international tourism exhibitions take part. We participated in three of them, representing Greek destinations with which we have collaborated in the past to create hiking networks.

The first exhibition was Fiets en Wandelbeurs Nederland in Utrecht, Netherlands, February 25-26. Its subject is generally outdoor activities and alternative tourism, with a greater emphasis on hiking and cycling.

Paths of Greece presented and promoted Kythera Trails, and the newly established Skiathos Trails and Hydra Trails networks!

From the 7th to the 9th of March, the tourist exhibition ITB Berlin took part in Berlin, where we were invited as guests of the region of Crete in order to present the hiking networks that have been developed in recent years.

More specifically, in the municipalities of the regional unit of Chania, studies have been carried out for networks of hiking routes, of which the one of the municipality of Apokoronas has been completed. The ultimate goal is that all of them will be subject to the single hiking network of the regional unit of Chania, named “Chania Trails”.

At the same time, we were pleased to come across the presentations of three other hiking destinations in Greece, with which we have collaborated to create hiking networks, Skiathos Trails, Sifnos Trails and Lehovo (Paths of Peace)!

Finally, the exhibition which we consider the most important in our field, since it consists almost exclusively of hiking tourism, is the Salon du Randonneur. This year the three-day event was held March 24-26, in Lyon, France.

The approximately 14,000 visitors that the exhibition usually gathers had the opportunity to learn about more Greek destinations than ever before!

Paths of Greece represented Kasos (Kasos Trails), Kythera (Kythera Trails), Skiathos (Skiathos Trails), Naxos and Chania with the paths of Apokoronas municipality (Chania Trails).

Of great importance was the presence of the tourist offices Active Holidays in Greece – Gnosis Active Travel and Sharing Greece, representing Naxos and Kasos, respectively.

For the paths of Chania and the municipality of Apokoronas, their representative Dimitris Michelogiannis presented the network, in collaboration with journalist Sylvain Bazin, editor-in-chief of Wider magazine.