The Paths of Greece team spent a month in the regional unit of Lasithi, in Eastern Crete, to survey the paths and plan the new trail network of the area.

This is a different study from the ones we are used to carrying out, as the large extent of the area of interest is a factor that radically changes the nature of our survey. The regional unit of Lasithi, after all, consists of four municipalities, the municipality of Agios Nikolaos, the municipality of Ierapetra, the municipality of Sitia and the municipality of Oropedio Lasithiou.

Therefore, for many days, Konstantinos and Nikos, with the important help of guest stars Katerina, Natassa and Giannis, walked and recorded large parts of the municipalities, paths, points of interest, archaeological sites and canyons! They met and talked with local people and people involved in hiking, in order to obtain information that would bring them one step closer to the completion of their project.

Thus, upon completion of the field research, we ended up planning approximately 20 routes for the Lasithi regional unit, distributed among its four municipalities. Of course, it should be mentioned that the beauty of the places and their geomorphology could allow us to plan many more routes, but unfortunately this time we had to limit ourselves.

Nevertheless, we always hope and seek long lasting relationships with the destinations we work with, as we believe that the work we do is not a project that is implemented and remains the same forever, but that it is a living organism that needs care, in the form of maintenance, corrections, changes and continuous additions, so that it always meets the demand of the discerning hiking public.

The routes will be implemented as an overall network of routes called “Lasithi Trails” which will be managed and promoted by the regional unit.

Soon, visitors will be able to walk to ancient Oxa, Kritsa and the Katharos plateau, Tzermiado, Kavousi, Thrypti, the forest of Prina, Mylonas waterfall, Petalouda gorge, Richti gorge, the gorge of the dead of Zakros, the exotic beaches in Vai and many other places that will surely reward even the most demanding travelers.