“Hikers’ Friendly” is a certification for services related to hiking activities. It is currently available only for hotels, but it will soon be open for other sectors. It has been developed by the Social Co-operative Paths of Greece, in collaboration with Green Evolution. Its aim is to enhance the hiking experience by upgrading the services offered to the hikers.

The adjustment of the “Hikers’ Friendly Hotels” Certification was conducted in the Greek island of Sifnos, where now the trial period is completed and from the 1st of August 2017 the Certification is available for all areas in Greece. All hoteliers who are interested in upgrading their services and in increasing the tourist flows toward the accommodation and each destination, mostly during the off-season period, are more than welcome to apply.

It is important that to promote Greece as a top hiking destination, 5% of the certification fee will be returned to each municipality for trails maintenance or promotional action. This applies for municipalities where the number of the certified accommodations is above five.

Find more information on the “Hikers’ Friendly” website and of course you can follow “Hikers’ Friendly” social media to stay always updated!