The World Trails Network 6th World Trails Conference took place between the 14th and 17th of October 2016 in Tottori, Japan. During the conference, which attracted participants from over 30 countries, “Paths of Greece” gave a presentation titled “Utilizing 5000 year old trails for a better future”, analyzing Greece’s potential in becoming one of the 10 leading hiking destinations worldwide. In the same spirit, during the final day of the Convention, the ceremony of the joining of M1 Kythera Trail and San’in Kaigan Geopark Trail (two trails with several similar characteristics), along the WTN “Friendship Trails” programme, also took place. This was a special event for the Japanese as Kythera M1 Trail passes in front of Roza Kasimatis house. She was the mother of Lafkadio Hern, known as Yakumo Koizumi, considered Japan’s national storyteller.

This was the second trail joining taking place in Greece, along the WTN “Friendship Trails” programme, once more an initiative by “Paths of Greece” that continues its efforts at promoting the country as a leading hiking destination, through its participation in the World Trails Network organizing committee.