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In 2019, we have implemented signage and cleared the trails of Tinos, according to our 2017 “Tinos Trails planning” study. When we studied the trails, we found a network of fragmented trails, without any logical or thematic numbering, signage that was not following any specific rules and signs often only in Greek. We designed 12 routes, based on the old trails of the island. Many of these trails have been cleared for the first time after many decades. The trails netowork has now thematic routes that help the hiker to decide which route to take, the waymarking and sign-posting follows specific rules, and  the network has a 5-year business plan.

Paths of Greece has developed these trails for the Municipality of Tinos.

Our work


We worked with “Paths of Greece” on the development of a trails network on the island of Tinos. We were already awary of their great work and working with them was perfect. We hope that with the i;plementation of the plan they made the trails network will be strongly enhanced, it will aquire its own identity and through targeted promotion will attract many visitors with multiple benefits for our island […] More about the project: www.tinostrails.gr
Anastasia Deligianni (Tinos island Deputy Mayor)

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