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In summer 2019, we implemented a multi-day hiking trail and a cycling route called Paths of Peace. It is located in the area of Florina, Western Macedonia, Greece. The trail is divided into 4 hiking days, and it starts and ends at Lehovo village. It crosses the most important natural and cultural places of the area: the settlements of Lehovo, Asprogeia, Nymfaio, Agrapidies, Sklithro and Limnochori, the Wolf sactuary, the lakes Zazari and Cheimaditida, as well as dense forests. The title Paths of Peace has been chosen, as this area has a tormented recent history, as well as an overexploited neighboring environment (coal mines). Through these trails, the aim is to take lessons from the past, and learn to appreciate the pristine environment, to head towards a better future.

Paths of Greece has developed the Paths of Peace trails for the Association of Lehovo “Profitis Ilias” and funded by the German-Greek Fund for the Future through the German General Consulate of Thessaloniki.

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